Layering With Intent

Hello & welcome to my blog space! Everyone kept telling me I should start a blog, so here I am! I have created this space as somewhere I can freely share my style, my view and my attitude on fashion, trends and everything in between with you all! I want this to be an inspiring place where you can come to learn styling techniques and have a chat with me.

Wow… my first blog post! Just so you know, this is a HUGE step for me, as I am not used to posting pictures of myself that are what I consider to be ‘undone’… aka, without all my bits and pieces to complete the look! You will never see me like this anywhere but here, so make the most of it!

So when it comes to fashion, one of my most loved phrases is “style is a reflection of your attitude and personality”, and I always have this in mind when I am choosing items to purchase and creating my daily looks. My style is dramatic, bold and unique, and I absolutely love a good statement piece.

While my personal choices in clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories might not be the same as some of yours, the techniques I use can easily be applied to your own style.

Layering - Base Layer
I prefer to use black as my base colour, as it’s easy to mix and match more bolder pieces with!


To kick us off, I thought I would write my very first blog post on layering! Layering is a big part of my style, and one of the techniques I use as a way to make every outfit entirely unique, even if I am using some of the same pieces. It’s super easy, and something anyone can try to create an outfit with depth and personality!

The first step to layering is creating a base for your other items to work off of. The easiest way to do this is to choose one colour and keep it consistent throughout your base layer. As you can see above, I’ve chosen black (of course), but you can make it any colour you want! If you want to get out there a bit more, you might even choose a pattern. Whatever you choose, you just want it to be consistent as this will make it easy for you to start pairing other items on top.

Layering - Flowing Kimono
This beautiful Kimono jacket is from Japanese Designer Moyuru.


“Create your own style, and let it be unique for yourself”

Like I mentioned before, the pieces I choose are a reflection of MY style and MY personality. They are pieces I love wearing and reflect my personal taste and preference when it comes to fashion & trends.

The beauty of layering is that you can apply it to any style! All you have to do is pick and choose pieces that you love and that you feel comfortable in.

The next step to layering your outfit is choosing a piece that contrasts against your base. In this case, I’ve decided to contrast my dark, structured base with a light coloured, flowing Kimono. Not only do the beautiful, flowing sleeves make a statement, but the dark coloured base really makes the beautiful grey colour stand out more!

In my opinion, Kimono’s are a must-have piece this season as they can be layered so easily to create new, beautiful outfits. It’s also a great piece to have in your wardrobe when summer rolls around! To complete the look, I’ve added in some chunky, dramatic jewellery to give the outfit a bit more edge and structure against the flow of the jacket. Again, you can add whatever accessories you like to compliment the outfit!

Now, you can wear the outfit as it is above, or…..

Layering - Knit Jumper

Layering - Knit Jumper
This fabulous textured, cropped knit jumper is from Zara. The midriff style makes it perfect for layering!


You can add one final piece! In this case, I’ve decided to add a cropped knit jumper to my outfit.

I love this addition as it adds a bit of extra warmth for me while I am out and about in the chill, but if I do get too hot I can easily remove it and still have a great outfit!

The other reason I love this addition is that it again brings a bit more structure into my outfit. I think it’s the perfect finishing touch that adds just the right amount of extra DRAMA!

BONUS! By layering the knit jumper over the Kimono, it keeps the sleeves in check! That means when it comes to dinner, you won’t accidentally dip your sleeve into the food, or knock over your champagne glass (which I have definitely done more than once lol!!)

So for my layering exercise, I started off with a plain black structured base, added in a beautiful Kimono to give the outfit some soft edges, and then finished off with a textured knit to add that final bit of drama. So for me, my layers went structured, soft, textured. And of course, I added in some amazing statement jewellery pieces because no outfit of mine is complete without them!

And there you have it! That’s how you can easily layer items to help you create a unique outfit with lots of personality. I really hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial (and my very first blog post!!)

I would love to see some of the layering outfits you end up creating, so make sure you tag me in your pics if you got inspiration from this blog!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post, and if you’d like to see me post about anything specific, please let me know as well!

Until next time,